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Nasa Meteor Impact on the Moon Studies

Duval Observatory

"It has taken me a while to get my observatory completed. I just wanted to thank Pier Tech for making such a fine pier. I get more comments on the pier then anything else in the observatory. I have added a few pictures fill free to use the on your site."

Thanks again!
Troy Duval



Re' Observatory
Lisbon, Portugal

"In 2005 I bought a 70 cm Pier-Tech 1 stationary Telescope Pier to install a Paramount ME. It is constructed from anodized corrosion resistant aluminum. The main beam consists of built in slots on all four sides for mounting accessories to the sides of the pier. Mounted on the PT1 is a Paramount ME from Software Bisque."

Pedro Re'

Pier-Tech1 With Paramount ME



Wellborn Observatory

Pier-Tech1 With Pier Caddy

Pier-Tech1 with Pier Caddy shown supporting a AP1200 mount



Stevens Observatory

Pier-Tech1 shown supporting Software Bisque Millenium Mount and Celestron 14" SCT

Pier-Tech1 shown supporting Software Bisque Millenium Mount and Celestron 14" SCT

Pier-Tech1 shown with accessory trays

Pier-Tech1 shown with accessory trays

Pier-Tech1 shown with accessory trays



Caya Observatory

"Your Pier is excellent and very easy to install. The Pier is very strong and I have no problem with vibration during my deep-sky photography."

Joanne Caya

Pier-Tech 1 double beam 48" tall with Meade Superwedge, Canada




"The pier is great! It's totally stable it makes it so easy to polar align the scope. Thank you for such a awesome pier."

Thomas D'Avanzato

Pier-Tech1 with Celestron Deluxe Wedge

Pier-Tech1 with Celestron Deluxe Wedge and Celestron 11" GPS

Pier-Tech1 with Celestron Deluxe Wedge and Celestron 11" GPS with Dew Shield



Miller Observatory

"The Pier-Tech1 works great, solid and extremely attractive. I have left my G-11 mount permanently setup on the pier to expedite polar alignment."

Chris Miller



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