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Telescope Pier

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The PT3 has been re-designed from the ground up to provide even better performance than the previous PT3 version. Now with dual lifting columns that simultaneously lift the telescope and mount, through a 20 travel distance. This design renders rock solid adjustment with a push of a button. The addition of the second lifting column to the PT3 provides a guided precision lift that allows CCD imaging at high powers thru its total 20 travel. Lifting capacity is 1100 pounds and can withstand a bending moment of 448 pounds at 52 inches from center of the pier.

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Pier-Tech 2 Design

Features of the Pier-Tech 3 Telescope Pier

Supplied with 120Volt controller.

Dual lifting columns allow a guided precision 20 inch lift.

Stays level and polar aligned at every height.

Can be made portable with optional legs and castors attachment.

1100 pound lift capacity.

Minimum pier height is 28 1/2 inches, Maximum pier height is 48 1/2 inches (all dimensions are +/- 1 inch)

Aluminum and powder coated steel construction for corrosion resistance.

Flat, top pier plate is included in price. There will be an additional charge for adapting to mounts that do not attach to a flat top plate. Contact Pier-Tech for additional information.

Great for roll-off roof observatories or dome observatories.

Ergonomic and handicapped accessible.

Great for viewers of different standing heights such as children.

Designed for CCD imaging at high powers.

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Telescope Pier Retracted Telescope Pier Extended  
PT3 supporting a SB ME mount and 17" Planewave Telescope
PT3 supporting a SB ME mount and 17" Planewave Telescope



Pier-Tech 3 Telescope Pier Pricing
Item # Description Price  
PT3 Pier-Tech 3 $3800.00


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