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Nasa Meteor Impact on the Moon Studies


PT3 Supporting a ME mount and Planewave 20 CDK, Pier raised mid way



PT3 supporting a SB ME mount and 17" Planewave Telescope

PT3 supporting a SB ME mount and 17" Planewave Telescope




Greg Mowatt Observatory


Pier-Tech3 on Pier Caddy
with Mountain Instruments MI250 mount and TeleVue 5" Refractor



University Of Washington

"Here's our current set-up. We couldn't be happier! Everyone states something like "That is so cool!" when we move the telescopes up or down. As you can see, the PierTech3 is holding a lot of weight, and it is functioning flawlessly."

Ana Larson
University of Washington


Pier-Tech 3 Supporting Paramount ME and 14SCT



RCOS 16" Telescope on a Software Bisque Millenium Mount,
all being supported by our Pier-Tech3. Used for CCD imaging




Takahashi FS102 with double Ha line Etalon filters by Coronado with Lumenera 2-2 camera. Mount is a modified LX200 on a Pier Tech III


Aldous Observatory
New Zealand


Pier-Tech 3 shown with Celestron 11" SCt on A Paramount ME mount, Pier raised

Pier-Tech 3 shown with Celestron 11" SCt on A Paramount ME mount, Pier lowered



Dark Horse Observatory

"So far I just love the pier! It is virtually silent and it works without a hitch. All my fretting about how high to make it paid off. I mounted it just above the level of the wooden floor and while pointing at Polaris in the fully retracted state the Mountain Instrument MI 250 mount and Takahashi BRC-250 clears the roll-off roof by 2-3 inches. When extended I can see anything from about 30 degrees and up in all directions. That is plenty low enough for imaging!"

Chris Abissi



Sirius Observatories
United Kingdom


PT3 with Pier-Caddy supporting a Software Bisque Millennium Mount and Refractor



Virginia Living Museum


PT3 shown with Meade 16" LX200



Horwath Observatory

Meade LX50 with Superwedge and PT3 (Deck Mounted)

Drilling thru Anchor Plate holes for Location

Holes drilled, waiting for deck studs

Tightening down anchor plate to deck

Add pier to anchor plate and fasten nuts

PT3 fastened to anchor plate

Dream observatory at customers home



Novoselsky Observatory

Pier-Tech finally solved my 'hard to haul it out' problem for the TMB 203.  Vito from Pier-Tech delivered my adjustable height pier today. The photo shows the electrically-adjustable and easily-movable pier in some detail, with the TMB 203 f/9 and the Losmandy HGM 200 EQ mount on the pier.

The pier rolls very easily on the three detachable (detachable for transport only, they are left on in use for stability unless you use it at a permanent site) but very, very, sturdy and stable legs, and then when you are where you want it (and the mount and saddle plate can be left attached) you put the pads on each leg down, and then lower the pads at the four corners of the center section. The pier in its lowest position allows the TMB OTA to be put into the rings at shoulder or lower height, and then the battery (rechargable from the A/C plugs and onboard charger) raises the center column 20". I am 5"10" and the eyepiece of the TMB (the Losmandy HGM 200 was set for my 42 deg viewing angle for this area) was at eye height! And, since it drops down for 'loading' the 203, much less hassle.)

The movement up and down is smooth and silent. The workmanship has to be seen to be believed, simply incredible. It handled 70 plus pounds of OTA, 100+ pounds of mount, and 66 pounds of counterweights without a shrug, moving up silently and smoothly. Once up -- or down -- the vibration is minimal -- and it was windy on the lake shore today.

Had to take it down as we have company coming tonight and I can only sneak out for a bit to do some more testing on the 150ED, but this pier opens up many possibilities for that minimal height roll off I was planning and now intend to bring to a reality this summer. Check this product out carefully, you will not believe how well built it is or the advantages the adjustable height offers."

Dave Novoselsky



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