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Nasa Meteor Impact on the Moon Studies

Jim Wood Observatory
Texas, USA



Robert Schlingensiepen Observatory
Lisbon Portugal

Robo-Rolloff with TEC 140

Robo-Rolloff roof open PT2 retracted

Robo-Rolloff Automation System


Roberto Milano Robotic Observatory
Milan Italy

Robo Rolloff Roof Open

Robo Rolloff Roof Closed

Robo-Rolloff with AP1200 and Telescope



Hughes Observatory
Dr. Stefan Hughes, Ph.D

"I think it is true to say that Vito Rotondi and his Pier-Tech company have made the difference between me using my telescope and not. I bought my NexStar 11GPS about two years ago, and on the very first night I used it, the OTA nearly fell off its tripod onto concrete. After that I became very reluctant to use it at all.

I searched the internet for a solution and came across Pier-Tech, who seemed to offer what I wanted a means of having my telescope attached to a Pier, and at the same time something which was mobile, allowing me to wheel the setup out of my house onto my balcony.

I immediately ordered a Pier-Tech 2 adjustable height pier and Pier-Caddy. When it came it more than met my expectations. Not only was it just what I needed, but the quality of the workmanship was of the highest standard.

As a result of my purchase I was now able to use my scope and enjoy the wonders of the heavens, so much so that I began a passion for astrophotography. I purchased a Meade DSI Pro CCD, and began imaging. I began to take some fairly decent pictures, so much so that I was able to win a couple of challenges on the Meade DSI Yahoo Newsgroup. In order for me to take even better images and to make an upgrade to a top quality CCD camera, I had to replace my Alt-AZ mount with a wedge, something which required a permanent pier.

I turned to Pier-Tech again, and purchased a 4’ x 4’ Tele-Enclosure with an added Roll-Off Roof. I must admit that I awaited its arrival with some trepidation, because my wife was ‘not enthusiastic’ about my purchase, and kept referring to it as ‘that box’. I needn’t have worried. Vito and Pier-Tech came to the rescue again, not only did she like it, she loved it, saying what a wonderfully made piece of equipment which not only looked good, but did what was intended to, i.e. keep my telescope out of her house.

On a more technical note, the Tele-Enclosure was able to accommodate my setup with ease, which by now had expanded to include a new Wedge, an 80mm Guide scope, an 80mm finder scope, a Telrad finder and an onboard PC; plus further associated gadgetry such as a motorised focuser, dew heater controller, USB hub and a load of wires.

The Tele-Enclosure means that I can be up and running within about five minutes or so. All I have to do now is to move the Observatory out of the way (which is a joy with its smooth running set of wheels), plug in the power, wake the scope up from hibernation, and turn the ‘onboard’ PC on. I control the telescope from within my house, either through a wireless link or direct by Ethernet cable connected to my Laptop.

I will now be able sit inside my house on a cold winter’s night and control the whole setup, take my images and process them without setting foot outside at all. With my wonderful new Tele-Enclosure I can have the best of all worlds – visual or electronic viewing.

One thing I would say if you are unable to operate the scope remotely from within your house, but need to do it within the Observatory itself and you have the space outdoors, I would recommend you opting for one of the larger range of Tele-Stations. A 4’ x 4’ Tele-Enclosure is just too small. It is perfect for my needs where I have limited space outdoors, but not in those cases where operation from indoors is not an option.

I cannot recommend Vito and Pier-Tech highly enough for the products they sell and the service they provide – first class in every respect."

Dr. Stefan Hughes, Ph.D (former NASA project scientist and professional astronomer)

Robo-Rolloff shown pushed away from telescope and PT2

TeleStation1 door open and PT2

Meade Telescope and PT2 shown in TeleStation1

View from customers balcony in cyprus

Pictures that the customer took from his balcony using the Pier-Tech2 height adjustable pier and Robo-Rolloff







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