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Tele-Station2 and detached warm room with gable style roof

Tele-Station2 Roof Open back view with gable style roof

Tele-Station2 Roof Open side view with gable style roof

Tele-Station2 roof open with detached warm room with gable style roof

10x10 TS2 roof motor and control box

10x10 TS2 with PT3 Lowered

10x10 TS2 with PT3 Raised

Heavy Duty Roof Motor



UND Internet Observatory #3

UND Internet Observatory #3 was built during Summer 2008 and will provide some unique capabilities in comparison with the other telescopes at the UND Observatory. This observatory, housed in a custom-built roll-off roof built by Pier-Tech, Inc., includes a Pier-Tech 3 pier, a Software Bisque Paramount, and a 16-inch-aperture Meade LX200R optical tube.

Instrumentation includes an Apogee U9000 CCD camera with broadband clear and BVRI filters and an SBIG Self-Guiding Spectrograph (SGS). The SGS is a visible wavelength spectrograph that will be used in conjunction with a wavelength calibration unit to acquire stellar spectra that will aide in the classification of different types of stars. This will be a new research capability for the UND Observatory and will support additional research and education projects. The SGS can only be used locally; it is not designed for remote operation.

Remote research and education projects that will be supported include astrometric and photometric projects.

10x10 Tele-Station2, roof open

10x10 Tele-Station 2 housing a Pier-Tech 3 pier, a Software Bisque Paramount, and a 16-inch-aperture Meade LX200R optical tube


Jeff Lunglhofer Observatory,
Boulevard California


8x8 Tele-Station2 Interior

8x8 Tele-Station2 Roof Closed

8x8 Tele-Station2 Roof Open



Lockheed Martin Satellite Surveillance Observatory 10x10 Tele-Station2

"Pier-Tech Tele-Station2 at our Santa Cruz mountain site in California .Impressed by method of hardware attachment and ability to seal from weather. Well engineered."

Rich Tansey
Lockheed Martin
Advanced Technology Center
Palo Alto, Ca. 94304

10x10 Tele-Station 2

10x10 Tele-Station 2

10x10 Tele-Station 2



Robert Pecks 10x10 Tele-station 2


10x10 Tele-Station 2

10x10 Tele-Station 2

10x10 Tele-Station 2

10x10 Tele-Station 2


University Of North Dakota
Internet Observatories 1 and 2 Grand Forks, North Dakota.


7x7 Tele-Station 2

10x10 TS2 Fully Robotic Observatory.
Housing a 16 SCT on a ME mount, 7x7 TS2 in background



NASA-Meteor Impact on the Moon Studies.
Observatory Operated remotely from 100 miles away

8x8 Tele-Station 2 with Mead 14" RCX on a Pier-Tech 3 pier

8x8 Tele-Station 2 with Meade 14RCX Roof Open Pier raised-side view

8x8 Tele-Station 2 Roof open Pier raised door view

8x8 Tele-Station 2 Rear view

8x8 Tele-Station 2 with Meade 14RCX Internal view

Stowed light on, Internal view thru cameras

8x8 Tele-Station 2 in remote operation during night, Pier-Tech 3 retracted

8x8 Tele-Station 2 in remote operation during night, Pier-Tech 3 extended



Texas A&M University Robotic Tele-Station2 Housing a Meade LX200R 16" SCT
College Station,

10x10 Tele-Station2 with Star Traveler Mobile Observatory

10x10 Tele-Station2

10x10Tele-Station2-Roof Closed 



Alan Smallbone Observatory

"I bought a Tele-station 2 used and got some spare parts from you, I wanted to let you know that I have installed the observatory and have been using it. The observatory is fantastic and I am really glad that I got it. Very well designed and extremely sturdy and ready to stand up to the rigors of our remote site. Since I installed it there has been a lot of interest in my club and I have been recommending it very highly. Thanks for your assistance with the parts and I am looking forward to being a happy long time user of the observatory."

Alan Smallbone

8x8 Tele-Station2 Roof Open, Night

8x8 Tele-Station2 Roof Open, Night, panoramic

8x8 Tele-Station2 Roof Open

8x8 Tele-Station2 Roof Open side view

8x8 Tele-Station2 panoramic view

8x8 Tele-Station2 Roof Closed



Jack Long Observatory

7x7 Tele-Station2 Roof Closed

7x7 Tele-Station2 Roof Closed

7x7 Tele-Station2 Roof Open

7x7 Tele-Station2 Roof Open

7x7 Tele-Station2 with Mead RCX400 14

7x7 Tele-Station2 with Meade RCX14 and Pier-Tech3, raised

Tele-Station2 with Pier-Tech3 raised RCX400 14




Motor wall of TS2 in placed on deck

Door wall of TS2 is placed on deck

TS2 walls are up and slide beams are in position as well as the first roof panel

second roof panel goes on

all roof panels are on except roof cap

adding screws to side panels

tightening screws

roof caps screws are on

top view of roof

TS2 bottom of roof view with roof open

Completed TS2 back view

Internal TS2 view. Meade RCX400- 14 on PT2

Meade RCX400-14 raised above TS2 wall with PT2 pier

TS2 with PT2 extended. Meade RCX400-14

TS2 side view



Wolfgang Fritsch Observatory, France

8x8 Tele-station2 Roof Closed

8x8 Tele-station2 Roof Open Front Door Open

8x8 Tele-Station2 With PT2 Extended

14" Celestron In Tele-station2

14" Celestron On PT2 In Tele-station2

14" Celestron SCT With CGE Mount On PT2

14" Celestron SCT On PT2 Retracted



Howard Sherman Observatory, 9x9 Tele-Station2 with motorized roof
Charleston South Carolina

9x9 Tele-Station2 Observatory housing a Meade 14" LX200
on a PT2 Height adjustable pier



"We have the enclosure fully assembled and mounted and it looks great - nice engineering.

Cherry Valley California 

Tele-Station2 10x10



Gary Walkowski Observatory
Tele-Station2 9'x9'x6'h wall. Solar powered



Paul Adams Observatory

"After months of delay I finally managed to finish my observatory - and I'm very happy with it! Here in the high desert of Nevada wood does not last long so I sprang for a Tele-Station2 7x7 roll-off and electric Pier-Tech 2. I am very, very happy with both. The observatory is very well made and went together easily. The pier handles the weight of the 14" LX200 without any problem and has a very smooth operation.

I located the observatory in a sheltered position due to frequent winds; the sky view is still good with the pier extended. The garden wall also helps block some of the light from 'The Strip.'

I eventually intend to remotely operate the scope from the office visible to the right in the photos, we have a few months of shirtsleeve observing nights coming up however, so I am in no rush to complete that task."

Paul Adams



Michael A. Mayda
Director, Woodlake Observatory, 121d27'10'W 38d36'13"N

"I am very impressed with its overall quality. Obviously a lot of effort went into designing and manufacturing a mechanically sound and esthetically pleasing observatory enclosure. The Tele-Station exceeded my expectations, and I don't say that very often. Congratulations on a great product!"

Michael A. Mayda



Norm Morein Observatory
Long Beach, California

"I am very pleased with my observatory. In fact it has far exceeded my expectations. Not only is it beautifully designed, it also functions exactly as it should.

It took two of us about 5 and a 1/2 hours to assemble. I have it bolted down to a trexx foundation so it is very solid. The motorized roll-off roof concept I believe is far superior to the dome type structures either of the slit type or clamshell design.

I have 14" Meade SCT which Will be mounted on one of Mr. Rotondi's motorized piers, which also functions perfectly and is nice to look at.

I would recommend this set-up to anyone."

Sincerely, Norm Morein




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